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Backstop Generator Module: Easy BackstopJS Configuration Generator for Drupal 8

June 05, 2018

Visual regression testing is an incredibly helpful tool in any developer’s toolbox, making it possible to programmatically check for unexpected CSS changes on a given website.

One of the most time consuming parts of running visual regression tests with BackstopJS, however, is building an exhaustive configuration file that includes enough Backstop “scenarios” for a lot of the content on a site.

In pursuit of simplifying that process, I’ve created a new Drupal 8 module called “Backstop Generator”. Backstop Generator will help you scaffold out a Backstop configuration file by letting the user select a combination of specific whitelisted pages (i.e. “Homepage”, “About us”, “Contact”), as well as a predetermined number of random pages to build a representative sample of their site automatically.

For more info on installation and use, check out the project page on Drupal.org.

And for more info on BackstopJS broadly, check out my recent talk from TexasCamp about BackstopJS, Backstop Generator, and visual regression testing.

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