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Gatsby Plugin: gatsby-remark-audio

May 22, 2019

In the process of building a new website for my weekly Chiptune radio show - Power Glove, I immediately knew that with the kind of cadence of content release (weekly) and the limited budget (both in cash and time) I had for maintaining and hosting my site, it was obvious that I would use Gatsby to develop the new site.

Unlike other sites I’ve built with Gatsby in the past, however, I decided that this time I wouldn’t leverage a CMS at all for the content in the website, instead opting to manage all of the content in markdown files.

This was great until I realized that there was a huge flaw in my plan – there was no Gatsby remark plugin for the HTML5 <audio> element!

As any good developer would, I set out to build a solution for my problem. I ultimately ended up forking the gatsby-remark-video plugin and repurposing it to handle audio files.

From the README:

Forked from gatsby-remark-video This is a Gatsby remark plugin that creates HTML5 audio tags from local or remote audio sources.


npm install gatsby-remark-audio


In your markdown:

`audio: /static/test.mp3`
`audio: https://www.mytestaudiosource.com/test.mp3`


Add the following in your gatsby-config.js (must be included under the plugins key on gatsby-transformer-remark)

  resolve: `gatsby-transformer-remark`,
  options: {
    plugins: [
        resolve: 'gatsby-remark-audio',
        options: {
          preload: 'auto',
          loop: false,
          controls: true,
          muted: false,
          autoplay: false
    ...skipped lines
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