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Power Glove - My New Chiptune Radio Show!

May 23, 2019

I’ve been volunteering at my local college radio station (KSUA) since my very first year as a student at University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2006 – it’s amazing to see how much the place has changed over the years. During my time there I’ve DJ’ed tons of shows, guest-hosted others, and overall really enjoyed having access to a creative outlet through broadcasting.

In the last few years I had been less involved in running my own music-based shows, instead spending the majority of my volunteer time as a co-host and recurring guest on General Protection Fault - our very own tech talk show.

But this year one of the things I really wanted to do was get back into the habit of running a music show at that station, and so I’ve revived the moniker of a classic KSUA show – Power Glove.

Power Glove has historically been a show on KSUA that plays video game soundtracks. Through my four years of undergraduate study at UAF it was high on my list of favorite shows to catch each week. While this new incarnation won’t be exclusively limited to soundtracks, the new Power Glove focuses more broadly on 8-bit and 16-bit era music, either from origin video game soundtracks or from modern artists creating chiptune music on original hardware. Occasionally we’ll play music created in modern DAWs merely in the style of original chiptune hardware, but by and large we’ll be playing exclusively music written and performed on the Gameboy, NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis.

The show airs weekly on Mondays from 4-5PM AK (5-6 Pacific). If you’re interested, you can listen live at www.ksuaradio.com/stream or find an archive of all past episodes at www.powerglove.cool.

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