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New Year! New Website!

15 January, 2018 - 6:49 PM

It's a New Year! And with the new year I've decided to refresh my website in an attempt to do some more blogging this year.

Although things might not look all that different, I spent the last few months slowly chipping away at converting my site from its old, Bootstrap 3-based theme to a brand new ground-up custom theme I'm calling "Arby". I won't get too much into the new theme here, but I took the creation of the new theme as an opportunity to leverage Last Call Media's new component theming solution, Mannequin. Mannequin has some pretty nifty features – I'll be doing a longer write-up about it within the next week, but suffice to say that it does a great job of pulling Drupal's default templates into the fold of a component theming library. If you've ever used PatternLab or KSS Node, you're probably familiar with some of the frustrations that come from having a component library that builds on top of Drupal's templates (such as field.html.twig), meaning you get unexpected results once Drupal starts putting real data into your components. Used correctly, Mannequin can be used to manage custom, additional templates along with any Drupal-built-in templates, allowing the component library phase to more accurately model the real conditions of a production site and catch more edge cases.

I've also been spending some time working on building out some better front-end testing regimens using BackstopJS, so expect to an upcoming post on that subject. Backstop recently added support for Chromy (headless chrome) which vastly improves the stability of visual regression testing. So that's exciting!

And of course, I'm trying to just blog more in general. So expect to see some cool new stuff about what I'm up to in meatspace (hint: winter biking, 3D printing, and video games are en vogue around here at the moment) as well as more writing about issues in technology to dovetail with my co-hosting radio time at General Protection Fault.

So – Happy New Year, internet. And here's to hoping I don't become one of those embarrassing people who has their two-years-ago "I'm going to blog more" blog post as their most recent post :)

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