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Website Rebuild

There has been a lot of buzz around Gatsby as a site generator for decoupled content repositories, so I rebuilt this website (yes, the one you're reading RIGHT NOW) with Gatsby + Drupal 8. TL;DR: Now with 60% faster time to interactive!

Early Adventures in 3D Printing

I've wanted a 3D Printer for a really long time. I've had a few friends that have owned them, and I've even designed a few plastic printed parts for my own use (namely, a stiffener piece for my bike's handlebar bag), but having access to a 3D printer isn't the same as owning one yourself.

Field Notes: Skip on Value Plugin in Migrate Plus 8.4.x

The Migrate Plus module's skip_on_value process plugin (available only on 8.4.x+) comes as a pre-built process plugin exposed for us to use in any of our migrations. Gone are the days of needing to roll your own process plugin to skip rows!

New Year! New Website!

It's a New Year! And with the new year I've decided to refresh my website in an attempt to do some more blogging this year. And here's to hoping I don't become one of those embarrassing people who has their two-years-ago "I'm going to blog more" blog post as their most recent post :)

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